Yup, confirmed. has become even more shit than it was before!💩

South Park called it 'Shitter', makes a lot more sense indeed :blobcatscience:

@stux why not just give a warning? This is straight up China

@stux first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, ...
Nicholas Klein


At what point will people understand that the harmful warning on twitter is not about what is harmful for you, but harmful to twitter? 😁


This happened to me with the link to long ago, I think it was in 2019

The account @dyvulgativa is shadow banned in the "curated timeline" of its followers any time it publishes links to @dyvulgativa, to the point that the only solution has been to publish the link and then put a second tweet announcing it "hey guys, there is a link in my timeline"...

@stux get people onto the smaller instances. The big ones don't need to be bigger :blobheartcat:

@stux they must have been looking at the federated timeline

@stux I was pretty much permabanned because I put the name mastodon in my new Twitter handle.

@stux so basically, can't i post on twitter a message containing a link to ?

wow !

@stux Can't tell what might have been happening, but at least at the moment it's not stopping me from posting Mastodon-related links:

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