The is so very amazing :fediverse:​❤️ That's why I run a whole bunch of different services, something for everyone!

Some of the things I host are:

I don't expect anything in return ofc❤️ :cat_hug_triangle:​ However if you would like to support me in paying the bills for all this, any help is very much appreciated :cat_hug_triangle:

@stux well you were quick suspending that conspiracy theorist I see ;P good good

@wolf thanks for the report! 😮 ❤️ so many the same posts.. wow!

@stux ikr lol. And definitely actually super damn useful doing the report to my own instance too so then I just click the link in the email to go to the moderation to give the ban hammer haha.

Absolutely love that.

@sтυx💙💛 i also run, let me count, one diaspora, two mastodon, two socialhome, two jabber services for a local community.

however what makes me really happy is when people open own services, and write from there.

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