I’m not gonna CW this even, this is how people in power react to the same question you and I ask when something so tragic keeps happening over and over.

These are the people who are suppose to ‘protect you’! But all they can do is turn around the tables and shake their heads.



Cruz is a classic case of narcissist bullying.
It was there in his gaslighting, his aggression when confronted, and his running away when the reporter wouldn't back down.

@stux He is representing his constituents: A distressingly large number of amoral narcissists who truly consider the thousands of dead sisters, brothers, parents and children a reasonable price to bear for their right to owning a firearm...

Americans could fix this. They simply don't want to.

@anji @stux

No. He's not representing me, though he is one of my senator (the other is Cornyn, who isn't much better), just the same. There's a lot of people who want him out.

Just not enough to overcome the voter suppression and gerrymandering that got him in.

And we don't get another chance until 2024.

That's where we're at with democracy in this country.

@TerryHancock @stux Yeah. Of course, democracy is also pretty broken in America. Not sure what word I should've used instead of constituents. Supporters? People who voted for him?

Regardless my point is that it's convenient to blame the politicians, NRA, etc. However there are millions of Americans who stubbornly support unrestricted access to guns, and I blame them as much as I do the politicians...

Mean, mean, mean political commentary... 


It's mean. But it's pretty damned true. He's one the slimiest people in Congress.

Opinion on Gun Laws, school shooter mention 


I had a conversation about gun laws with some family members recently and we all agreed that nobody should have big fire arms for self defense. Handguns make sense because they’re small and easy to carry. A fucking AR15 is not gonna be that useful because it’s so much larger.

And from what I remember, every school shooter has shown signs of tremendous mental instability in numerous occassions which should, by default, make them unfit to buy and carry fire arms.

Whis makes me reach two conclusions:

  1. Mental health has to be taken more seriously instead of mocked and dismissed, and
  2. There should be more restrictions on gun acquisition.

Opinion on Gun Laws, school shooter mention 

@saturn agrees on both point indeed!♥️ one thing also ‘enlarges’ the other so not helpful at all :(

I get a feeling that people who are currently on the edge already only getting pushed over by recent events.. Again and again it’s bigger news and more attention. Logical but also with so much risks :blobcatbigsob:

@stux the absolute irony of him going "America is the freeest country in the world! Now stop your propaganda" 😂😭

@stux I'll always remember, a few years ago when the Parkland shooting survivors went on record to demand gun control and they got publicly shamed for that…

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