Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


How many of those bicycles are rusting in canals?

@trebach That's something we do not talk about! :blobcatgiggle:

haha! I think those aren't even counted here

@stux Oh, that's very interesting! Dutch people say VS while Germans say US although it should also be VS (and we even say that in its long form but never in that abbreviation)

@waweic Or Amerika :blobcatgiggle: we mean the US with that, not the Americas!

@stux Yes, in German it's "Vereinigte Staaten", but never "VS"! We also say "Amerika" but that seems to disappear as time goes on

@stux Although I have to correct myself here, "Vereinigte Staaten" is extremely rare. Either it's "Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika" or "Die Staaten" (less formal) or "Amerika" (but not that often anymore).


@waweic Aaahh got it! Thank you! ❤️ I always found German grammar to be quite difficult :catblush: Speaking and listening is easy but writing, oooh! :blobcatgiggle:

@publius @waweic @stux I'm trying to bring back AFS (Amerikas Förenta Stater), which you see in old Swedish news text.

@waweic @stux
In german authorities, VS means "Verschlusssache", it's something like "nothing to see here, move on. Quick.".

VS is the abbreviation for Verfassungsschutz, one of Germany's secret police orgs. There are overlaps, though...

@byteborg @stux Yes, but it also isn't all that common except within leftists

@stux A grim statistic, but I'd be curious to see the amount of "One Gun Households" in here to weed out the gun nuts with massive arsenals.

@mrdiamondj Aboslutely! I think it's the few who have stock pile for "the rest" so to say 😉

Almost all american friends on the Fedi are not real gun lovers I think 😮

US firearms statistics 

@mrdiamondj @stux how about percentages of owners in general?

30% of adults own guns, 11% do not own guns but live in a household with guns, 40% live in a household with guns (it’s not 41% because of overlap where multiple gun owners live in a household):

US firearms statistics 

@bhtooefr @mrdiamondj Ah thats interesting! That's actually far more than i expected..

For example, I was thinking people in the bigger cities would in general have maybe less guns per household?

re: US firearms statistics 

@stux @mrdiamondj it also has urban/suburban/rural divide data!

(29% in urban areas, 40-41% (it gives both numbers) in suburban areas, 53% in rural areas)

@stux everyday there's a mass-biking at a Dutch school.

@stapper Haha :blobcatgiggle: ooohh yeah! Even lead by the teachers! Buttttt... they do wear a safety vest! 🦺

Curious what the difference in distribution is though. I would expect moat dutch people to have at least one bike, with very few with no bike. But how's that for guns in the US?

guns, people 

@stux And in the US, they have more guns than people so give it in perspective.

@stux i wish people would stop judging a nation by the content of its character and instead by the bicycle ownership per 100 citizens!

@tblu Please ignore the terrible pictures on there :catblush:
oh gawd..

@stux Dank je wel! The Netherlands is so beautiful. 💙 💛 My Dutch, however, is not very pretty. :sadness:

@tblu Graag gedaan! ❤️ Oh that's no worries at all! I think 90% of the people in the NL speak some English :blobcatgiggle:

Even most kids these days

@stux I think Dutch is cool! More people should speak it. I will keep watching Easy Dutch because I want to learn. Hopefully can find a way to escape here soon. ✈️

@tblu Ohhh ill have a look! ❤️

Be sure to also checkout this channel, kinda awesome 🇳🇱

@stux @tblu I enjoy watching him too. He's pretty relatable as he compares the Netherlands with London🇨🇦 and Houston.

I loved his segments on traffic lights in the Netherlands and the insolvency of the suburbs in the Americas.

@stux Thats my Europe as I like to see it👍🏾 👌🏾 🇪🇺

@stux for a moment I thought the presenter on the left was holding a handgun!

@stux Neat... I'm helping inflating our statistics with 4 bikes of my own.. :P

You live there? 😱 and I thought you guys had no money problems in general. I knew Greece and Spain were in truble with respect to the other EU coutries but not you guys! Capitalism hits everyone, no doubt about it...

Oh, sorry, I just didn't know you were living in the EU, since you need support for the electricity I asumed you lived in a "poor" country like the rest of us. Sorry. Maybe you could go "solar" like the admins from my instance 🤓🥳. They just did it!!!

@palomadc :blobcatgiggle:​ I do! The Netherlands 😉 Even around here stuff is getting soo expensive.. it's insane!

Unfort we are renting and don't have a "say" in this :sad_dog:​ We are trying to our house better isolated and such for better saving and lower energy costs ⚡

Sorry to hear that. Prices just go up and up. Never go down... So, maybe an agreement with your "landlord" "tenant"? And with the sanctions, the EU poppulation will suffer even more. Be cautious and forsee in advance, there will be consequences.

@stux as far as national obsessions go, I think the Dutch win.

@stux in want out of the USA. More bicycles per capita is a much better metric

@stux this is cool and all that... but can you really take a language that genuinely writes "wapen" and "fiets" seriously? :p

@stux Not *far* off, We have a mostly two person household with 4 bikes: two regular city bikes, one sport bike and a spare city bike.

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