Satellite image leads to horrifying conclusion 

The US company Planet is taking revealing satellite images of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.

re: Satellite image leads to horrifying conclusion 


Terrible truth. How can the russian troops including Putin dare to do all this to the ukrainian infrastructure and the people who want to live there. The destruction is very bad the second factor is that the farmers who lived there cannot harvest the wheat because everything they had an needed it for their work sand their living is destroxed too.
Its understandable why the brave Ukrainians do everything to fight for their life they had and what they have now. They want it back and need our help so desperately.

@theavidhorizon @stux

But is now oviously good documented and can be used to proof their violence so that the Ukrainians are able to get reparation. This was not the case in i.e. Syria.
Putin may tell his people lies, but pictures can show the truth.

@HackWan @stux Well said, but the Russians will still claim they are fakes.

@theavidhorizon @stux

Then they should show the farmer that their farm is still in place.
Come on, of course there are fakes, but I rather belief CNN and an american satellite company than all comming from Putin and his war machine.

@HackWan @stux I agree with you, but these are the same people who deny what happened during the Holodomor, the expulsion of the Crimean Tatars, the Chechen wars, their mercenaries in the Balkans, Syria, etc....

Russia is a tremendous paradox.

@theavidhorizon @stux

You are right. These are all things that shouldn't happen, because it was wrong.
Responding to your "Russia has been doing SHIT like this for generations" I can only say It must be stopped immediately since it is only getting worse.

You must admit Russia is the aggressor in this case and it has no right to attack an occupy any part of the Ukraine. That is the fact here and everything else is a result of this fact. There is no need to discuss the fact and whether the destruction of the farm or whether it was a fake will be judged after the war ended.
And only both, the agressor RUSSIA and the defender UKRAINE can figure out (but only together) how to stop and end this war.

@HackWan @stux Russia has (in the past) and currently is terrorizing Ukraine and it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach that they:
1. Illegally occupied Crimea;
2. Indiscriminately attacked civilian targets with artillery and cluster munitions;
3. Committed genocide and other war crimes in Ukraine, have stolen grain and tractors from Ukraine, have blockaded Ukrainian ports; and
4. Russia actively denies all of this.

I will never allow Russian atrocities to be forgotten.

@HackWan @stux I do not see a path for diplomacy with Russia. They have broken every agreement ever made with Ukraine, they do not respect borders or treaties or diplomacy. They do not respect even the most basic freedoms or human rights. Zelensky has repeatedly tried to negotiate with putin to no avail.

@theavidhorizon @stux
I agree 100% to your last post.
Russia now asked for negotiation, but as you mentioned Zelensky disagreed at the moment.
The ukrainian armee is in big trouble in Donbas. 100 dead militarian a day without counting the civilians. For God's sake. Nothing to talk about. Thats the status. they are stuck with the war.

@theavidhorizon @stux

I only see a solution in further absolute sanctions from the european countries lead by Germany!
They must do what Poland and the Baltic states did.
Cancel their electrical power,Oil and coal from Russia by themselves.
That mean Germany and the EU boycott their Gas, Oil an Coal deliverey immediately, to stop Russia in the Donbas.
No matter about the problems which might occur in Germany and Europe.
We have to get out of the comfort chairs and start the solution to overcome the complete boycott.

And deliver all heavy available weapon also immedeatly to the Ukraine.

@HackWan @stux Zelensky is right to rebuff putin's faux talk attempts after Zelensky tried so hard to get him to meet. There's nothing for Russia to talk about after it murdered civilians in their homes and conducted massacres all over. They need to get out of Ukraine. Germany, and the world must rebuke Russia and cut them off entirely.

They are building more nuclear weapons and are threatening the world with them. Enough is enough.

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