Yesterday I came across a 'meme' about the second amendment in the US and it sticked with me..

The second amendment (gun BS law) was created with the Musket in mind that could fire ~max 2 rounds per minute.

These days many (US Fanboys :blobderpverified:​) don't have Muskets anymore but AR15's for example. This stupid weapon fires 400 rounds per minute ⚠️ What the actually fucking fuck is what I ask..

For hunting deer? "Protecting" yourself? From what? Aliens?

This shit is one of the things keeping me from moving there. Why would I want ppl around me who think guns are okay and cool..

I call it a sickness.

Fuck guns!

And yes, I know. It's super easy bitching from across the ocean.

But the thing is.. The US acts like it's "leading the world" and the West with all but to be honest, from our side of view it looks a bit like a wild west shit hole...

How an we accept leadership from ppl who can't even get their own shit on order wow.. I know it's rooted deep but what is needed that things finally change?

It seems most people don't want it but still put up with, wth.. :amaze:​ At some point one's gotta say it's enough.. 😠

I mean, I can "forget" it all and act like it's not there but I want a safe place for my American friends ❤️ I care a lot about you.. Exactly. The founding fathers couldn't have seen technology advancing this quickly ahead of time, and now trigger happy people are taking advantage of it.

Fuck. guns. Or more importantly, fuck the people who exploit these rules when they're so goody goody about defending the constiution.

@stux the point of the law was for protection against a tyrannous state and so the idea was to keep civilian arms in line with military arms, and it’s a misconception that only muskets existed at that time

There were rifled weapons being made and prototyped and the puckle gun existed which showed that high rates of fire could be achieved

Just like those in the 60s didn’t envision the moon landing technology as the peak of space technology, neither did those in the 18th century see muskets as the final evolution either

It took less than 100 years after the amendment for the Gatling gun to come out

@Arcana Even with other weapons it doesn't make any sense in the current day 😮

Isn't it a bit weird the US is almost the only country acting this way?

@stux I mean there used to be a lot of civilian ownership across the world, arms restrictions are often based in anti leftist or racist policy, for example in a lot of US states, their firearm and knife restrictions stem from trying to ban weapons that indigenous and black people would have access to while maintaining the privilege for the white upper class

Likewise a lot of restrictions in Europe came about in order to try to prevent leftist movements and labour unions from taking action to protect their rights

As part of a minority group, the state (especially one that is actively involved in a culture war against people like me) being the only one able to possess firearms doesn’t sit right with me

Many left wing groups and the likes of the black panthers support firearm ownership because it really is necessary to protect minority communities from a hostile state and majorities
2A is not dumb, makes invasion of US impossible for any military.
Afghanistan unconquerable at 1/14th the size.
US could end military => World would burn, but no one would touch US.
2A also keeps central govt weak, you won't see China-style hunger lockdowns in the US, for a reason.

Analysis here:
Any intellectual should know that the threat to humans from tyrannical governments exponential exceeds the threat to human life from criminals.

It simply isnt debatable.

If the 2nd Amendment even does a little to keep that in check, it is a net good.

Ok, I have to call out this argument, sorry. The richest country in the world, with the most powerful military, with a deluxe geopolitical position uninvadable. Well, no brainer. Your argument is unverifiable.
@stux @Arcana

Even without military, US is just structurally unconquerable.
It's Afghanistan but 14x the size with 8x the population.
You don't need to touch every fire to know that fire is hot.

@stux @Arcana I went to US some years ago on a business trip. I read the morning paper (jetlag) and stumbled about news that I thought of as satire at first: Texas (I believe it was Tx) called upon their militia to be ready, because … the US army held a manoeuvre of sorts in the state. They in earnest prepared to defend against a coup d’etat from Washington against the Tx government. From their point of view they really need to be prepared all the time to fight

@stux @Arcana for their freedom.
I am not endorsing those gun laws (or rather the lack there of) here, but since you ask what they want to be ready to fight: their army of need be.

@sternengucker @stux @Arcana

Lol yeah that was funny. Texans are such a meme. The most American Americans.

@stux @Arcana

And to avoid any confusion: Until Switzerland joined Schengen, it had more lax gun laws than most US states. But guns were never seen as a means of personal defense. You don't walk around with a gun. You just don't. Unless you want to be politely, but sternly told to leave your gun at home by people (and yes, it's illegal to carry a gun for "self-defense").

Now, when they weren't used for self-defense, why so many guns? Well, in case Blauland would attack from the north.

uspol redux 

@Arcana @stux every time a people the US rose up to protect themselves from the tyranny *of* the US, they were brutally beaten down, and then the laws were amended so it would be harder for *them* to get weapons.

black panthers patrolling black neighbourhoods to protect them from police brutality is an insurrection.

mass shootings in schools twice a day is a terrible tragedy that nobody can do nothing against. it also keeps people in check, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

re: uspol redux 

@meena @stux if you look at the statistics for school shootings and similar, you can see they’ve massively been increasing over the past decade

Before 1986, it was possible to obtain fully automatic weapons easily and yet this did not increase school shooting rates, in fact there were barely any

Firearms are not the issue causing this, and the proletariat should not be disarmed to address an issue that is not even caused by firearms in the first place, that just plays into the state’s narrative

An ever increasing erosion of community, and material conditions is driving the rise in these things. To target firearms is to put a band aid over a very serious and worsening issue that neoliberal system of government cannot fix and in fact makes increasingly worse

Minority groups should be armed, and any attempts to disarm the working classes should be resisted. Especially with how many police and soldiers have right leaning tendencies, supporting laws to make them the only ones capable of bearing arms is incredibly dangerous

re: uspol redux 

@Arcana @stux start by disarming the police and the soldiers, so everyone in and outside of the US gets a breather.

re: uspol redux 

@meena @stux yeah good luck with that

gun politics 

@Arcana @meena @stux

But, active school shootings have not increased. Non-active shooting as a side category has increased dramatically. The definition of non-active continues to broaden and includes such things as being caught with a weapon, having made possibly idle threats, or even "acting suspicious".

Active shooting extremely low, and has not changed much on average.

@stux Americans protecting their land from emigrants like they would live in a paradise. When actually everyone thinks of it as a dumpster fire

@stux A bit of the problem is that those who want the world to follow them is those who want to export their conservative values onto the rest of the world (not minding if the world wants it or not).

@stux well, speak for yourself. This notion that we Europeans are somehow morally superior to Americans is trully bizarre and frankly I've never seen americans having such strong opinion about european laws that don't affect them in any way, so I think it is arrogant that we tell them how to live their lifes. The gun ownership correlation with violent crime got debunked so many times it's already straight up boring to just talk about it.

I do not want to force anything onto Americans. But I wonder what Americans would feel if every, say, European, just went 'fine, another mass shooting, waddaya expect *shrug*' I prefer to call out giving guns to extremists.

@biomedmax @stux

Except it hasn't been "debunked so many times". You don't need someone else to confirm or debunk it for you. Just pull up the data on the number of gun deaths in the US versus the UK. Then, just to satiate your desire to suggest that stabbing deaths would be wildly higher if guns were banned in the US, go ahead and pull up the stats for stabbing deaths in the US vs UK.

You will see that gun violence is rampant in the US. I live here. It is EVERYWHERE: large and small cities.

@varpness @stux Now do the same comparison with Brazil VS Switzerland

@stux I watched part of a 'Bodycam' documentary (think on Discovery channel) yesterday.

Police were called in by a distraught young man who seemed to suffer from a mental crisis. Happens to many people.

Except, it was in the US, and the guy had a box full of automatic rifles and ammo.

So what should have been a basic domestic disturbance escalated and 3 officers were wounded, one officer was killed, after which a swat team killed the young man.

Situation would be unthinkable where I live.

@humanetech @stux Just like how Australia forcing people into covid “isolation camps” would have been unthinkable in America. Oranges != Apples

@humanetech @stux the difference between a white man using his 2nd amendment privilege vs. a black man doing the exact same thing is on full display in the folowing video:

That type of firearm is overkill for hunting anything more than another human being.

@stux I've come to the conclusion that Americans actually enjoy mass shootings, and that's why they don't try to prevent them.

@stux I was sitting in my living room the other day and suddenly there was a barrage of gunfire very nearby. I have chronic anxiety so after my neighbour had fun for about an hour I was sitting on my couch for an additional two trembling and hyperventilating. The problem with this country is this narcissistic focus on rights without regard for the community at large.

@stux thank you for caring. As an American I need to care more than I do. It shouldn’t have to be a political issue. Politics is where it ends up. And almost every representative of the people in the 3 branches of govt are millionaires and the ones at the top are mostly old rich white dudes. So they don’t have a lot of skin in the game.

Come to my shit hole called Texas, and I will show you a good time, as I did with my German cousins, where people, relatively speaking, get to choose every day how to live out their lives.

While you are here, I can try to explain how to optimize long-term civilization. It is my understanding there is no such thing as a fear-free existence. It is just a matter of prioritizing what to be fearful of.

@curtis Hell no lol! As I explained in my first toot, if the way of thinking about guns is still that present in such a way I'd skip the US big time 💪

What the hell would I wanna risk being shot by a random person each day while I can live elsewhere in muuuuuch more peace at mind lol

No sir, I'm not thinking about it.

@stux thanks! I live in the US and its exactly as bad as it seems lol. I wish the states were colonized AFTER universal healthcare was established smh

@stux granted, I live in the U.S. and feel relatively safe in my neighborhood, but it's still scary. The only "weapons" we have are nonlethal

@stux well I suppose knives can be lethal but they aren't firearms, per se!

@calculsoberic Hm, it’s uhh ‘better’ at least! But how come? Is it the neighborhood or something by local law?

In the Netherlands even a knife if now allowed in public, cause well you know.. what would be a valid reason to stab or slice someone? Same goes for tasers, those can be quite deadly also :blobcateyesblush:

@stux it's the neighborhood, once in awhile I've felt scared. I would only do it as a last resort though.

@calculsoberic hmm got it! ♥️👌🏻 but let’s say.. for example, anyone can walk down your street with an AR15 on their back if they wanna?

@calculsoberic Aah okay! But uh how does that work? :blobcateyesblush: Sorry I’m a bit confused, only certain weapons?

@stux @calculsoberic

Conceal carry is normal. Unless it is a gun convention, open carry is taken as weirdly aggressive. And it is a separate permit. And a lot of places, i.e. schools, bars, forbid weapons.

Concealed carry also makes the controversy more muted. An educated free citizen can obtain a firearm pretty easily even without permission, and not many would know.

- 3d printing schematics exist online for guns.
- A free citizen can communicate with a gun owner without being monitored and trade for it. - Basic guns and ranged weaponry are not that hard to manufacture in the traditional way.

@jmw150 that's true, I didn't even think about making your own guns with a 3d printer (or other ways, like zip guns) @stux

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