@cookie Trying to get the good folks to a nice place :blobcatgiggle:

@stux miiverse also had a drawing feature and we all know how well that went

@stux if its instance releated, did you made this mod?

@Jain No, no! It's part of Glitch-soc! :ablobwink:

But just a small percent are running Glitch

@stux you can? nice :blobcat3c: i heard about glitch-soc but only used a older version witch didnt had those features

@Jain Ahh okay! :blobcatgiggle::blobcathearts:​ I love it! With some more small customizations and limits. I've made a little copy of the docs on our about page :blobcathug:

@jasonscheirer @stux You're right! My husband and I still ocassionally use the Pictochat on our Nintendo DS's lol

@stux it's a Japanese word that means to doodle/draw.

In the early 00's there where dozens of "Oekaki board" websites where people could draw in the browser and post to the website.

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