:blobderpy: Ah crap.. Almost all big bills are paid now except for the energy and internet yet.. Past month was just so brutal with costs :amaze:

We're still a massive €254 short for both bills😿 Would there maybe any way anyone could help us our a bit here?❤️

@stux is there anyway to support you w/credit card? I don’t have PayPal

@BollerwagenPicard Ah damn things.. Biking would not be doable im afraid? 😮

@stux I gifted my bike years ago to a student in need of a bike 🚲

@BollerwagenPicard Hm... youre too kind! ❤️

I do have one left for you! It's only herer in the NL 🤔

@stux walking is okay for most of my current life...
only 2km to the supermarket
Only problem is the Fitnessstudio with 11km

@stux I just gave $10, know its not much but hope it helps.

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