@GoatsLive @stux oooh, nice to see a local town to me mentioned on the fediverse!
Sadly, not many otters on ottery st Mary though 😒
However, they make a marvelous beer
(Not actually brewednin ottery st Mary, but nearby)

@paul @stux
It's funny, because I only know of Ottery St. Mary because of a BBC radio 4 comedy show that I'm so fond of, "Cabin Pressure"
Between that and "Mark Steel's In Town" we've learned a lot about UK towns over here in Florida 😁

@GoatsLive @stux Mark Steel's in town is very good. I've not heard of Cabin Pressure though, I'll look that up.
We've got lots of weird and animal related place names around here. Black Dog, Cockwood, Crapstone...
And, of course, "Westwood Ho!" - the exclamation point is officially part of the name.

@paul Not currently on BBC Sounds, but keep an eye on the link as it's frequently available:


@stux From the background, I deduce this must be from Graham Norton’s show, and Graham Norton is a national treasure!

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