I've also setup the alternate front end for on

You can login with your account. Be aware, it can be a bit buggy :blobcatgiggle:

@stux Looks nice, what is it based on? Or did you code the changes yourself?

@dentaku soapbox! A certain commit with this design and Masto API 😉

@stux looks like the front page (when logged out) is looking for a logo

@0xDEFACE Yeah there's none and im too lazy to fix that now :blobcatgiggle: doing a self-competition to have the most fedi accounts ever 🏈 I know, but it wasn't letting me log in with my account, I must have the wrong password stored

I tried it with my old mstdn.account and it's fantastic, I somewhat prefer this design compared to the normal webapp.
Is this gonna be available with other instances? Like how you can multilogin with your or Pinafore instance.

Also, it looks AMAZING on phones, I really want this as a PWA too!

@richardotomislav I've checkout the soapbox page and there they have it somehow, but gotta figure out how to make the url in the env an editable var :blobcatgiggle:

That's for the multiple instances or the PWA capabilities, sorry didn't understood it. :artcathmm:

@richardotomislav Ohh sorry! Multiple instances!

PWA should be easily fixable

lots of instances already use Soapbox

that being said, I don't think it's likely that many Masto side instances are going to add it

@famine @stux

Yep, saw that. It seems soapbox is more popular on non-mstdn instances. I prefer mstdn tho.
But thanks for the info.

@famine @richardotomislav Indeed! It's build as FE for Pleroma mostly but I was thinking.. Since Pleroma uses the Masto API for a big part this should also "work" and it did :blobcatgiggle: just playing around

it's a great front end and the more people that get to try it out the better
That's what truthsocial did, soapbox over masto. Probably used masto because they were worried about db scalability running pleroma. That Turned Out Not To Be An Issue 😏

@cjd @richardotomislav @famine Ahaaa! I was suspecting something like that indeed! :flan_laugh:

Oh gawd.. It looked scary much like the TruthSocialCrap homepage wow!

@stux it's really cool! Looking forward to be expanded to other servers if possible :kirby_happy:


If folks on your instance are the types that like even more minimal, or use older computers with less resources, or even the terminal for browsing... still works (:

@juanro49 es el frontend que pusieron en disroot, no? 🤔

(que por cierto a mi me va peor que el que había)

(que por cierto, no veo este RT tuyo allí, ni en la cronología Local)

cosas de la federación 🤷

si, la versión 3 de soapbox, a mi me gustaba mas la v2, pero será cuestión de acostumbrarse (en cuanto a funcionamiento, no he tenido problemas de momento). Si quieres volver a la v2, puedes usarlo desde aqui con cualquier instancia de mastodon o pleroma

@stux woo good job it's look prertty nice do you think to switch it from the current one ?

@stux looks cool and all, but two things:
* doesn't support Markdown
* A bit slow at loading more posts..

**But** it looks super nice!

@mkljczk @masstransitkrow thank! Lemme try that one!

I'm still missing the 2FA :blobcatgiggle:​ it graps the Plero API It says wrong username or password even though the same login worked fine for default Masto...

@freeplay Make sure to use email :ablobwink: Mastodon doesn't allow username logins! 🔒 Tht's with a good security reason :blobcatgiggle:

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