Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

there are constructions from simple door hinges with threaded rods operated by hand to super expensive motorized star trackers that you align with the earths axis of rotation and they rotate the camera into the opposite direction to cancel earths rotation out.

@glowl @stux oooh! I knew that this kind of shooting required tons of preparation, from choosing a good place to having luck with the weather and ridiculous hours, but this is entirely on another level.
Thank you so much for explaining, now I can appreciate it even more :3c

the prepwork isnt thaaat hard, aligning takes about 10minutes if you know what to do. picking a place is a little tricky bot although manageable, the hard part is definitely being lucky with the weather!

@glowl @ashneehs @stux I think the easiest way is to take a series of shots from a camera on tripod and then stabilise in post-production according to the position of the selected stars. There will be of course some crop needed.

@stux I wish I could go to a place where I could see the milkyway with naked eyes... Been decades since I've seen it the last time.

Oh, das wollte ich auch schon immer mal ausprobieren! Es sieht so toll aus!

@rresoli @stux
is the rotation controlled by some motors, or is it just gyros?

@stux [cw: flashing lights - probably cars driving by during the timelapse, kinda looks like explosions if you don't know what you're looking at]

@stux fake news, earth is flat, stationary and is only around 2022 years old. ANT BRAINS #TruthBomb #SmartHead #Glober

@stux Wish we had skies this clear in Scotland! I swear I've missed like half of the major lunar events in the last three years due to the feckin' clouds. 😅

@stux Oh no, it looks like The World Turtle is trying to shake us off. 😜

@stux the poor flat earthlings, how do they explain it?

@stux Fascinating, but if I watch it more than once I think i'll be seasick.

@Karen5Lund ohh really :blobcatgiggle: Mostly that happens also to me but with this steady background no issues :blobcatgiggle:

@stux The steady background is beautiful, but the landscape going sideways is.... disconcerting. Messes with my sense of balance.

@stux must be near the equator, the center of rotation is just above the horizon. I love this.

@stux @monoxyd mind blown 🤯 So the earth is like a coin, flipping through the universe! 🥸

@stux - That GIF while listening to Hania Rani's "Glass" is calming my strange scicence-fiction-depraved mind.

@stux Looks nice, but where did he put the camera to stabilize it? In thin air? Is it a satelite or a drone that can fly for a whole day? Why are the clouds not moving away and is this scene really rotating around a center? Who filmed the take off of the moon landing when no astronaut was left there?

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