Just read this on another social platform and I like it :blobcatgiggle:

"Mastodon doesn't have a quote function at all. The argument is that people should talk with each other and not about each other."

@mrbitterness Yesss! :blobcatgiggle:​ within a reply we are already talking yay :blobcathearts::blobcheerwitch:

@stux Pssh. I just want to talk AT you! I don't want REAL meaningful conversation! Then I'd have to imagine your a flesh and blood human with feelings!

@ozoned If it makes you feel better imagine im just a digital grey cat :stux::blobcatgiggle:

@stux Wait... if I have to IMAGINE that ... then you're telling me you're not really a digital grey cat? Oh ... you're still a grey cat though right? Just physical grey cat. Got you. Makes 100% sense.

@ozoned @stux that's a real crux of the matter! We all hide our ungainly selves 😉

@stux The original goal of social platforms. Not media but connections and conversations. I like it, too!

@stux well, per that argument, nobody should ever publish anything that talks about anybody else.

@stux right?? 🤯 I’ve had more interactions here on a week than on mass social plataforms on the past 4 years!

@commaafteradot @stux not for me...

i migrated from twitter in January and i barely interact with anyone here at all

@stux @neXtTech sorry to hear that :artcathmm: perhaps look into other instances that have users with interests close to yours? You could move there and have a local TL on which you could easier exchange with mind liked individuals?

@neXtTech @commaafteradot Noooh 😮 Let's change that, shall we! :blobcathug:

How is your day going so far? :blobcathearts:

@neXtTech @commaafteradot @stux same here. It's like many people here want to make the interaction different from what it's like on Twitter or wherever. You are supposed to try extra hard, can't be sarcastic, frivolous etc some brands of humor just don't seem to be acceptable on here.

@commaafteradot @stux just the opposite for me. Maybe because I'm a bad person.

@DocAimless @stux Honestly, I've often missed not having the quote feature, but that was an interesting article and I'm going to spend more time reading it later tonight. It looks like considerable time and though went into the design.

Here is where I wish I could be quoting the toot with the link!

@stux Twitter didn’t have a retweet or retweet with quote function years ago. People started it on their own.

@ramsey Indeed much has changed over the years 😮

But I think Mastodon "evolves" even faster ⚡ :blobcatgiggle:​ I think at some point we even get a better, more fair system for quotes

@stux but because Mastodon is opensource and opennetwork, any third party apps can do this job.

@rohmatsb Oh most certainly! But not in vanilla :ablobwink:

I mean Gab did it, (un)TruthSocialblabla prob has haha

@stux yup, no matter theyre signup on vanilla or forked, or even pleroma or misskey.

We're still connected.

I love fediverse

Wouldn't quotes be client implemented not server implemented?

@stux It took me a few days to get used to it, but then I realized that I really like it better this way.

@stux I'm on Twitter for many years now (even if my *main account says otherwise) to be able to say that the quote function has almost always been used to vomit the own toxic behavior into other peoples faces. I'm glad Mastodon does not have this 💩.

*I've often created new accounts for a "new beginning".

@LazyMoogle Wow, that bad 😮 i dont like it either, not one bit..

Same goes for the weird like on a retweet lol! How does that make sense

@stux Sadly yes. Since I've been here I never witnessed that anyone talking bad things about anyone else or otherwise appearing quite disrespectful.

This is my new peaceful social media home. 😊

@LazyMoogle that's how we rolll :birdroll::blobcatgiggle:

Love is so much better than hate! Discussions can also be held in a friendly way even with very opposites!

@stux @LazyMoogle It's just pleasant that even if people disagree here most of them disagree in a respectful way and aren't set in their position if there is a genuine opportunity to take in another perspective

@alinanorakari @LazyMoogle Exactly! I have learned soooo much the past years on the Fedi just by listening to people and their arguments! Be open minded and one can grow :blobcathighfive::blobcathearts:

@stux @alinanorakari @LazyMoogle this is like saying "oh what a nice peaceful society with no arguing" in Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, probably 1984 but I haven't read/seen that one yet, #starset's New East/West, or any other dystopia

@LazyMoogle @fleshroots @stux We're not saying we think all of society is that way. We're saying we value this refuge from the part of society that isn't that way

@LazyMoogle @stux I had a straight up unicorn moment a few days ago where me and two others got into an argument on here about the viability of socialism and none of us were toxic. We all reasoned out our arguments and basically just made points back and forth. It was like I saw a moose in the Sahara I swear.

@LazyMoogle @stux I feel the same way, which is why I wrote boosted you, I guess. I am new here. I have had a lot aliases as an undercover intelligence agent, mostly using my real name, then being called this or that...

After all the trolls who appear, and crazy folk, when one writes about experiences like mine I had given up on social media for a long time.

Much of my story is classified, and while I am an independent contract, deep enough Biden only found out I was not working for the Chinese when I came up after sixteen years of began filmed every moment of my life.

Now, I am a guy who likes to think if you cannot measure it with a ruler, I will not believe it... I have seen too many supernatural events to ignore them as much as I try.

One oddity,, U surface and a doctor finds I am dying of a rare disease, which a million mri s missed all these years... which they may or may not have been done to me, not sure, since I was a bit of a project since birth for feuding sides in the underground world,

I tried being a whistle blower long ago, when I was seemingly drafted into intelligence with a brutal,, classical brainwashing meant to get me to lead a cult, which I refused... they kept me confused about it. Regardless, I learned there is no Calvary unless you consider yourself a native american.

I made a lot of powerful friends saving a lot of powerful people, stopping a genocide, putting presidents back in the white house, which you would think they would question why a Chinese spy would do that, but no...

I discovered there is no THEY GREAT THEY as the conspiracy theorists think, just a few evil families running most everything, even splitting up the military until my mission. Amazing stuff, but nothing... really.

My ultimate hope was world peace, so the world would confront our common enemy, climate change.... sadly, they are bent on mind control, which requires hatred to blow out the pre frontal cortex and insert their slogans into their unconscious.

All about creating synaptic pathways with gateways that do not allow in any intelligence which does not enforce the echo chambers in their skulls. I became one of the best at this in the world, sadly.

Wrote speeches for obama, biden,, the pope... nothing really works except the usual thirty days it takes to change a brain, which is why drug treatment is based on that period.

Recently, they paid fox viewers to watch cnn for a month and it deprogrammed them. I stopped a revolt they were going to try to stop some of this shit, because the radical left and the radical right are the same damn thing to me.

I know as an academic once, that the myth of self is true, but free will is there, however tiny in a human geography, and that is sacred to me. I truly believe if the solutions now known for the greenhouse are perfected, it will be by critical thinking, not route thinkers.

These are the kind of thoughts I stopped trying to express on the media. I also have international fame now, and that is an undeserved podium that has been so dishonored by so called Icons and Heroes who make music and movies, LORD...

I have met heroes. Most are dead. On my mission, they killed every friend I had, all my pets, whatever they could do without actually fighting me, because that would have been hellish for them.

I am going on and on, sorry... just related on so many levels to what you had to say. Big Love from the maligned mecca of Chicago. They are promoting violence in the black community to get them off valuable lake front property, and the black flight here is tremendous. I get it. My black and brown friends had to be helicopter parents until they moved to the burbs.

Sadly, if you are white you are pretty safe here. The problem is if you are a brown or black kid. The cops, who I work with a lot, of course -- almost as much as criminals, though they cause me just as much trouble, sort of...

I hope this decentralization will be the new thing. I have quite a bit of influence, though of the sort where I am not going to have my friends flooding in here to follow me. I gave up thousands of facebook followers when I gave up my cover, which was as close to the truth as I could get....

I have never joined an organization of any sort, though there were times the cia would have told you I ran them, the communists, nazi's... it is rather a different world than the news, and I am glad people do not know about it.

I found that there are few who can handle this world without going crazy. And since leadership itself causes brain damage to the prefrontal cortex, destroying ones ability to care about others feelings, I have had an adversion to it my whole life.

I take a mystical view of why I am what I am and why most everyone around me ended up dead. I followed my ethics, turned down blood money, women, and... shit people would not believe is up there being offered..

@susiequeue @stux The person you quoted gets a notification by default. In my opinion, this function encourages toxic behavior. I really don't need that here.

@stux Subposting still happens (*raises paw* we do it all the time privately), but!

@IceWolf But it's different somehow :blobcatgiggle:

There's not some "famous" person with a gazillion followers who can "take over" your post for example

@stux Oh, huh, makes sense!

What's taking over your post? We've never used Twitter, so don't have any point of comparison.

I think there are /some/ locally-famous people (often instance admins), but they're not like, HUGE huge.

@stux Honestly I kinda wonder what Masto would be like with quote-posts. Misskey apparently does have them.

@IceWolf Ahh yeah! Those come back as a "reply" here but with a link to the orignal post!

Soo it is a new post somehow.. I think we don't need it here :blobcatgiggle:

@stux People being social on a social media platform? Nah, it'd never work. 🤣


Just quoted this on Misskey to see what happens. It makes a post with a URL in it, apparently. Misskey expands that to a preview of the original post.

If you quote it again, the preview shows the original quote, but not the post it embedded.


But replying still seems to be the better option, even with Misskey.

@stux I really do like it without quotes. I sometimes miss using it to boost and extend the conversation,, adding my thoughts eithout burdening their replies. But I think the right response to that is that it's not about me (the quoter), the idea belongs to the OP

@stux thats definitely a different way to look at it. I personally feel like I want to quote stuff quite a bit. Old habits I guess. But I actually kinda like this perspective.

@stux it probably says something about how Twitter has trained my interactions that my instinct was to quote tweet this with my thoughts. 🤦‍♂️

I was *going* to say I don't know how I feel about this, but actually, yeah, I can dig it. Resharing/quote tweeting takes the focus off of OP and reframes it around the person quoting which feels incredibly self-centered, now that I think about it. 🤔

Glad you liked it 🙏

I'm not leaving the other social media site at present, but I'll be here, too. And I think it might help to give Twitter users hints now and then about the differences between Mastodon and their place.

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