@stux what is happening in this clip? Unfortunately, you didn‘t add a video description so those who are blind are missing out. An advantage on the #Fediverse is that you can add descriptions for videos just like you can do for fotos.

@marco @stux thanks for pointing that out. It seems to be an exception. Most pics, gifs and videos on this server have a description and I know that @stux is using this feature regularly.
The video shows a bar and a pool at the seaside. A seal comes out of the ocean, jumps up the stairs, jumps into the pool and then leaves the pool on the other side. There's a man sitting on a lounger and the seal wants to get on that lounger and so the man jumps up and lets the seal take his place and the seal gets comfy on the lounger.
Have a great weekend!

@andijah @stux Awwwwww, thanks for the description! This indeed sounds really funny! :-)

@marco not sure the man found it funny, though. You couldn't see his face but he seemed to really want to keep his distance from the animal. 😉

@andijah Awwww too bad! According to my better half, there would have been enough room on that lounger to cuddle. ;-)

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