@stux that seems like a neat feature, I hope we'll see it on other server software as well.

@stux@mstdn.social did you make this? You should change it to 'sensitive' information, probably

This is the reason why some of my friends won't use it haha!

I'm going to assume that "those kinds" friends of his don't use those services whatsoever....

@stux your happy that there’s no end to end encryption?

@pinkdogfan @stux He said that he is happy that they added e2e in private conversation

@andrea @pinkdogfan I'm happy with the notification lol :blobcatgiggle:

E2E will come at some point, we just gotta make sure it's the right way and don't rush it

@andrea @stux all I see is a picture saying messages on mastodon are not encrypted

@pinkdogfan @stux before there was no message about it, I have warning in the privacy policy of my instance that tells to use PGP if you need to send something sensitive

@andrea @stux so they didn’t add e2e just a warning which then to you means use PGP. Got it

@pinkdogfan @stux Yup, it's just a warning.

I use pleroma and it still does not have this warning. I added a message in the privacy policy:
Remember that Pleroma/Mastodon and any other ActivityPub service do not have any kind of E2E feature. Use PGP if you have to send sensitive information to someone or don't use ActivityPub at all.

@andrea @stux yeah I guess to me I never share secure information without being sure of the security of the communication channel. But I’m trained in IT Security so I’m probably wired different.

@stux now see this is the solution to direct posts, not removing their existence entirely

@kromonos @Stellar well.. I did kinda ‘ripped’ their safety message about privacy and improved a bit on it! It’s on top our /about/more page and was also announcement

@stux ooh guess what, I just noticed this notice too!

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