@stux yeah but what kind of grizzled beardy unix admin doesn't use a shell with ^R to search history? 😂

@losttourist @stux The kind that pops a post-exploitation reverse shell over nc. 😈

Those shells don’t have raw input handling, which is necessary for C-R to work.

@losttourist @stux fun trick with C-r btw: tag your commands with trailing comments for easy lookup (also works with history | grep)

@stux I teach a class in Unix and C. You have no idea how true this image is!

@stux that’s why I am using zsh-autosuggestions

@stux Iv done this like 40 times in the last 3 days lmao

@stux this is how I mount my drives every reboot 🥰

@stux Learning so much from these comments.. now i can sysadmin like all you proz 😂

@nickg047 we’re all just doing something :blobtoofast: :blob_cat_melt: just press enough random keys haha

@griff @nickg047 it’s the most ‘lazy’ and best job in the world! And it even pays very well lol!

@stux No joke when I was younger and um.. newer to the workforce, sometimes if I wasn't busy but my boss was walking by I would just clickety clack my keyboard like it owed me money to look busy.. after going to college I learned that's essentially more than 50% of the job anyway.. Just look like you know everything while you google it under the table

@nickg047 Hahaha love it! :blobcatthinksmart: but yeah! Especially with programming, everyone has a certain skill set, there’s not really a line more a recommend perhaps

On school we made a web app with 5 people, it worked but it had 3 ‘levels’ of code.. that sucked

@stux Oh geez, having flashbacks to all the spaghetti code projects I put my name on in college... And we'd be proud at the time haha

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