Holy shit! I didn't even see :blobcatgiggle:

(we had discovered this already huh :ed_grin:​ )


@stux Yea it's amazing.
It's part of the EU initiative to support FOSS and not just rely on corporations which can be bought by individuals for digital media & online discussion.

Seems like a wonderful initiative.

They also have all their videos on PeerTube which we can interact with and follow since it uses the same protocols as Mastodon.

@Ombra Exactly! They're setting a VERY GOOD example here, bravo :clapping::blobhappy:

@stux Indeed they are.

We need more of this kind of leadership in the world.

Support the kind of future you want to live in.

Gives me some kind of faith in the future.

@Ombra let’s make this a successful test phase for them👌🏻♥️

@Ombra @stux I know you didn't ask me, but engaging in their content and sharing it around would probably help.

@cap @stux Agreed, let's do it!

Boost, comment, favourite, ask questions, use hashtags, etc

@Ombra @stux Probably by interacting with them and liking/boosting posts where you feel appropriate.

@stux @EU_Commission I hope EU will still continue to support FOSS and be against big corporstions as they are today.
It can bring only good things.

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