That’s a thing btw, if you decide to follow me you’ll also get and included :blobcat_banban: :blobcathearts: You’re warned :blobcatheartR:

Little story about these little guys, some of you may know it already ofc :blobcatgiggle:

Our former neighbor was a 18 yr old girl who couldn’t take care of her apartment, her dog and herself even bought these those cats as (fat too young) kittens. My gf and me over a lot to take care of them when she was to school(she gave us a key, also to walk the dog) and it was terrible for them..

At some point she moved away and the house was empty but I noticed still 2 cats walking around! So I lured Washy in with some food and he felt right at home! He even slept with me on the bed the first night. A few days later also George came walking in since he saw Washy I guess, and from that point we decided to adopt them! Every time the neighbor came along getting some more stuff both cats fled into our home into the back room, scared of being taken away.. At some point she came asking and I told her the cats would stay with us. And she just agreed lol!

My gf is very allergic but worth it she say

@stux And if you follow me, you'll get boosts of George and Washy

@stux That's a sweet story, and lucky two cats there!

@stux A few weeks after my sweet boy Obsidian had to leave me (17 years old), a friend told me about 2 cats in Nijmegen, living with an old man who couldn't take care of them any more. He had COPD and other bad stuff, and he was looking for a good home for them.
I called him, made an appointment to go look and... they came home with me that same day.

@voidspace Dank je! Thank you!

I'm still grateful that I had the opportunity to give them a good home. 😻

@stux you didn't adopt them, it's the other way around. they adopted you :blobcat: :blobcat:

@stux how does your gf deal with the allergies? I wish I could bring a cat home but my best friends are allergic :(

@stux Awwww, they are so unbelievably cute! :blobcatheart:

I don't have cats, but I have a Golden Retriever. She is 14 years old and her name is Amy. :blobfoxheartcute:

@stux I think you misunderstood something. I followed you exactly because of George and Washy! 😺

a cuddly blanket for the little grannies🌈

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