What operating system(s) do you mostly use on desktop, if any? :blobcatscience:

@stux QubesOS, which technically means Xen with a lot of GNU/Linux VMs.

@schlink For me definitely. On my #Lenovo #X230 it is perfectly snappy, on my desktop, which is technically the more capable machine by far, it is a bit sluggish (mostly due to gfx card being too new). I tend to use the #debian templates (more familiar) and uninstall a lot of preinstalled cruft (via #ansible, not familiar enough with #saltstack), I also use the #i3wm desktop, which helps with the speed. Not a day where I've missed "regular" #GNU / #Linux.

@lpwaterhouse wow that’s fascinating! My Oryx Pro has a 4-year-old NVDIA card in it… wonder how it’ll do. I’m also serious enough about learning Qubes to buy a thinkpad for the purpose. Good to hear it runs smoothly on a 230. How much RAM?

@stux I've been using EndeavourOS for more than two years now, if memory serves me right, with either the Plasma Desktop or i3-gaps

@mmu_man @stux I liked BeOS in the 90s. Glad it still has fans.

@stux I also use iPad OS (iOS) but mainly for garageband. Currently saving/prepping to move to Logic. I actually really love garageband but Logic's feature set is so tempting. :tinking:

@kosama Mobile OS do not count in this one :blobcatgiggle:

And iOS is still mobile I think 😇 even though its not really it's too limit I guess :nerdcat:

@stux yea it's true. I jailbreak to unlock the full capabilities (even though those are limited). I like moving content through WebDAV on iOS 10 jailbroken but I don't think that's officially supported yet iOS 15 (I'll find out soon) :mastodon_oops: . It's honestly a shame how locked down it is, but maybe someday it'll change. That or Linux Mobile Operating Systems will catch up. :ablobcatbongo: I accidentally tapped macOS too.... I only use Linux on bare metal, with FreeBSD and Plan9 VMs.

@stux I like the spinning beach ball of death emojo

@stux Windows because gamer, but generally the first thing I start after boot is a Xubuntu VM where I actually get things done.

@jarmer @stux Honestly no, not in a year or so. And honestly it's also stuff like Photoshop, SoundForge, etc. Though if Microsoft keeps up with annoying bullshit...

@Trent @jarmer @stux

If you don't mind tinkering with some stuff and have the apps run inside a VM, why don't try Cassowary?

@fortressia @Trent @jarmer @stux cool I use windows only for MS Teams and Genshin Impact and will definitely test running them on Linux

@alchemicacht @Trent @jarmer @stux

I think MS Teams might work fine with Wine ( since it's just an Electron app.

For Genshin.... It actually can run with Wine-based programs but you have to turn off the anti-cheat (which def gonna make you get banned). You will have to use a VM for the anti-cheat to run nicely, even with that, you will need to set Windows to not report that the VM is not running in a VM and rely on Hoyoverse's unclear anticheat policy on VMs.

@alchemicacht @Trent @jarmer @stux

For BattleEye-based games, you will get a straight up ban for using VMs, EAC also does a similar thing (idk if it's a ban or not), but idk about Hoyoverse's anticheat.

The safest way is to use an Android emulator like Waydroid, but since Genshin Impact mobile doesn't build for x86_64 but only for ARM, make sure to get the Android 12 edition instead of the default Android 11 for the ARM compatibility tool.

@jarmer @stux And amusingly (to me anyway), my entire Xubuntu desktop is just terminal windows. I need a CLI4Lyfe emoji...

@jarmer @Trent @stux The thing keeping me on Windows is playing SteamVR titles.

@jarmer @Trent @stux I like playing games as soon as they release, I don't think this would be possible if I had Linux. Just seems like a bigger headache when 99% of what I do on my PC is game.

@jarmer @Trent @stux Proton is amazing. I love my Steam Deck. But there are still things I can't run. Back 4 Blood most notably. :(

@stux I started using Ubuntu full time on my desktop a couple months ago. Steam/Proton is finally good enough that I can play most games, which was the only thing holding me back. I’ve been a long time user of WSL and instead of pulling me further into Windows it just made the Linux CLI a lot less scary. Very easy switch

@stux endeavouros user here, very tempted to install fedora on my laptop though

@esm @stux
I can recommend. Got EndeavourOS on my desktop and Fedora on laptop. The frequent updates become annoying on a system I use irregularly IMHO (laptop). Fedora is kind of like a better Ubuntu 😄

@stux lmao only on an app like mastodon would linux be the winner

@stux GNU Linux on the farm since the 90's! It's nice to see the majority here use Linux 😄 🐧

@stux FreeBSD on my workstation, laptops and pretty much everywhere else except for a gaming PC which runs Windows

@stux I use Windows for school and gaming and @fedora for personal use 👌🏼

@stux @alexandra did federation break in a weird and exciting way, or did one of you just decide to ban computers?

Either one is totally fine, just wondering.

@stux @alexandra (it did work after opening the thread to post this, and I can't get it to happen again, but I can't let that get in the way of a perfectly good joke)

@emily @stux @alexandra polls do that sometimes.
view on poll's instance when poll is over to see real numbers.

my others are android (yes on desktop, Tauon pc-1) and risc os

@stux Why did you list a free software kernel alongside proprietary malware OS's?
Where's the GNU?


Looking to go #FreeBSD
My laptops are Desktops I use more and just haven't found how to do the same on BSD

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