For those who do wanna join still for let's say 1000 chars instead of 500 or some additional but small extra features

What’s different?

Here is an invite link so you won't have to ask or search!

There are more instances out there who run Glitch-soc though!

@stux Since this is my first time seriously using Mastodon (I have a account that I never really used) I thought these were the basic features. Then I started looking at other instances of Mastodon to see if there was one that was a better fit, but none of them had these features. So I am sticking with this one because it seems to have everything I want and I am starting to meet some pretty cool people on here. I got lucky I guess.

@natejung :blobcatgiggle:​ I'm glad you like it!

Mastodon vanilla is awesome but I do love the little extra's we have here, mostly markdown and HTML posting for some styling! :bloblaugh:

@stux I love the different flavours and themes that are available. Also the 1000 char limit is awesome. I don't always go over 500 (or even the 280 coming from twitter), but it is REALLY nice to have that option.

@natejung Right! I often also stay under it but just in those rare cases it can be quite handy! :toot: in my experience what happens is 2 things.

1. people shorten their text to fit within the char limit and this makes it lose some of it's intention.
2. they comment on their own post with the rest of the text.

so in the best case scenario the char limit is pointless and in the worse case scenario its detrimental to the conveying of information.

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