In the past I use to think Elon Musk was pretty cool, I mean he made most of his money with internet stuff and setup a space company from the ground up..! Things I would also love to do..

But seeing what he has become the past years.. He has just become one big disappointment. I thought he was more "nerd-like" and kind to people but he really is just an ass :sad_cat:​ Not even arms or legs..

No all fun aside, personally I find it very sad to see such a big platform as Twitter just gets manipulated into being bought by a silly man who has way to much money.. We are small but I like to think this platform is all of ours and we all have a saying in it even though I mostly pay the bill. A social network isn't fun with a weird captain like Elon Musket or Mark Zukc-a-berg :blobderp:

@stux There is no doubt he’s done huge amounts of innovation but he’s also doing a lot of damage to the public space. It’s sad.

@Zizban @stux How much innovation had he done though? He made a site that merged with Paypal, yes. He bought Tesla. He hired a bunch of people to build rockets for him, but he didn't build or design any himself. His mad scientist aspirations led him to do pretty Dr. Mureau style things to some poor monkeys.

He has been extremely good at marketing, though.

@thriveth @stux He hired people who fit his vision of tech and gave them the resources to do so. I’m not saying he is not a selfish jerk but there is no doubt the technology innovations he enabled.

So true because Steve Jobs didn't make anything he hire people to help him with his vision
@thriveth @stux

@seth @Zizban @stux Jobs was kinda overrated in his own way but he did contribute very substantially to what his company produced. Musk does not hold a candle to him.

@Zizban @stux

Not many compare or should compare to Jobs. But saying Elon is just a waste of flesh isn't right either.

He has made a contribution to the world. But also is a 💩💰

@Zizban @thriveth @stux

They are/were both 💩 in different ways and smart in others.

@stux Even back then, he did most of his money buying already functional companies and making everyone believe he was the one who made everything I always thought Elon Musk was a bit of a madman. Now that's he's in charge of Twitter only time will tell how much or how little he'll ruin it

Eh. He made most of his money buying an already existing company with money he got owning a potential rival to Confinity. All he did was hype a product he didn't invent and watch his stock value increase.

He's a competent self-promoter with enough money to skirt regulations. But now with too much money to competently manage his public image.

@stux Used to be a fan. His antics with COVID where he tried to legitimize obvious frauds changed that. His endless trolling sealed the deal. I appreciate your work in giving us an alternative.

@stux I have mixed feelings about him but see he is human. He has good and bad. I enjoy my Tesla car but the community and fanboys are toxic. I had to remove myself from it all and for that reason I see Twitter becoming a toxic haven of Elon followers.

@stux I’m new here (lit just created the account) cuz I wanna see if this is a place I can move to in case twitter gets hectic or changes too much. I’m disappointed that he just decided he would buy twitter, idk

Hopefully I like it here and understand it well

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