Ooh I want to welcome every new user personal but that's impossible! :blobcatgiggle:

So... welcome! ❤️ :blobcathug: :mastodon:

@stux and now that the sale if official, it will get worse! ;-)

@stux yes, perhaps this should be a blanket welcome! I have been answering a few people's questions

@stux Thank you for the warm welcome! There's a lot to learn on this platform but I'm excited for its potential :)

@stux thank you for the warm welcome - I’m fumbling my way through here, it’s all very well thought through & set up.

@Krautling Aohhw hello there cutie! 😻 :doge:

Youre so welcome, hope you'll have a nice time! :blobcathug:

@ttomass Absolutely :) Here a picture of our grumble. We sadly lost our Daisy (middle) in February.

@stux you mean you DON'T have a way to do that!?(SIS: Said in Sarcasm) 🤣

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