I may need to upscale the server after all :thinktink:

But that would mean an increase of over €110 extra per month.. :amaze:

Currently the bills are over €500 per month already for all services I host.. :blobcatscared:

So.. uh.. I wanna ask, if you can and want to help me out paying the bills and upscale for please do! ❤️ :cat_hug_triangle:

Every bit is so much appreciated!

Thank you for the donations my loves! ❤️ :cat_hug_triangle:

It really means a lot! :cat_hug_triangle:


it would be nice if you could help @stux a little. i have also added a little change (look for your wallet). every dollar counts and is part of the whole in the end.


@kranfahrer Thank you so much my dear friend! ❤️ It is really amazing to see how much we've grown in the past day alone! :amaze: :mastodon:


It's great, what you are doing for the fediverse...

But i think, leading newbees to smaller instances could be more useful for the fediverse...

@jakob Well it seems the issue is stabilty there :amaze:

Many new people here tried others first but came here since many are slow or down atm :thinking_rotate: I can understand though.. server load is going though the roof and not only here im sure was down earlier. i guess it's a high server load on the major instances

@jakob I'm keeping a very very close eye on the server :blobcatgiggle:

Would be a shame to have first users experience downtime right away :thinking_rotate: ❤️

But i agree with your point for sure!

@stux just sent $50, your commitment to this platform has been evident even in our brief interactions and I wanted to help out the only way I know how.

Please help them out with sharing the word or helping offset their service costs, this platform and specifically this server deserve it~

@jessicakelly Thank you so much for your support! :cat_hug_triangle: ❤️ that means a lot!

Forever ad-free! :cat_hug_triangle:

@stux I have transferred some money to your Bunq account. Will donate more soon so we can all benefit from the and so you can provide a great service for all!

@stux Ugh! 500.-/month is a thing... I'm about 200.-/Month (colocation costs + hardware costs about 5 years), see - the new server should arrive today in colocation and be installed by at least tomorrow... we'll see...

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