For some time now I really wanted a free open source variant of Pinterest, I really like their design and easy way of gathering fun stuff but there's not much good out there.

I'm thinking of starting the dev myself with Laravel, React and REST🤔 It has to be mega super fast! The big diff with Pixelfed would be the "bookmark" or "pin" function as Pinterest calls it but FOSS and with ActivityPub there is one self hosted out there. It was featured on hacker news. Though I didn't bother more about it.

@kura Yess but it's crap :blobcatgiggle:​ Already tried it! Pintry i guess? I think so. I didn't bother about it. I'm not much of a pinterest fan.

@kura It's very limited and Docker based... yikes :blobcatgiggle:

I dont like Pinterest itself neither but the design yes :bloblaugh:​ its smooth

Alpine.js might be a lighter alternative to React.

Allows you to sprinkle reactivity on top of Laravel based HTML.

Or perhaps HTMX?

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