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My Linux litteraly just needs two seconds to restart on crappy hardware...

No time to get coffee (or chokky milk) :ablobcatbongocry:

@stux windows forced updates were so annoying

I'm so glad to be on Linux now

While I also find forced updates annoying, I am convinced that they're better for most people. "Normal people" don't care about tech and won't ever make updates, exept when you force them. Best solution: Automatic updates that are standard, but that can be disabled.


That's right and don't have to restart for 99% of the time for updates

What distro are you using?😊


@LunaDragofelis @stux They are even more annoying, when its your measurement instrument and it just killed a 3 month long measurement run.


@stux yes that is so stupid. Sometimes at work you must force restart to get Windows working again. Happy with Manjaro. :-)

@stux It's weird but I never had this thing in particular happen to me.

I guess typing "reboot" instead of "shutdown now" on accident is pretty hard, but it's not like I was born into the terminal either...

@stux the inherent flaws of a GUI/mouse for interaction. wouldn’t have happened had you done poweroff or shutdown -h or whatever in a terminal. and if you mistyped a letter it would likely do nothing instead of a different real action (unless you only mistyped the letter in your argument or something)

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