Oh btw! To all new users, we host many more alternate services that can replace the need for main stream social media like YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter etc..

Take a look here to see what we've got in stock for you, all free of charge and no ads or tracking!


Hmm.. you would say.. but where is the money made then?!

Well, that is totally up to YOU!❤️ I love running these services and hope maybe some of you would be able to help me out with the costs of these services :blobcathearts:
You can see how you can donate here: mstdn.social/about/more#suppor

Welcome to the world of free open source software! ❤️

We host our (+ Element) server on chat.mstdn.social

But you can use "mstdn.social" as your hostname for example, I am


on Matrix! 😄

More info on :


And ofcourse we also have a (.onion) address for mstdn.social so you can access it via Tor Browser or any other onion browser!


More info:

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