What software do YOU like the most? :fediverse:

@stux To be fair though, I was using Diaspora long before I discovered Mastodon itself. They're both great Social Media Outlets though

@stux @Shredd_Tone is Diaspora a part of the fediverse?
Especially with the fact that they didn't implement ActivityPup.

@yura @stux I personally wouldn't know, but at the very least i would assume there would be a way to bridge them

@Shredd_Tone @stux it looks like there isn't.

I remember friendica supports diaspora's protocol but not mastodon nor pleroma vs misskey

@Shredd_Tone @yura Always welcome :cat_hug_triangle:​ its a great start for ppl who wanna join the Fedi also I think :blobcathearts:

@stux @yura It is, I wish that I've been introduced to this website before I got started in the Fediverse

@Shredd_Tone @yura :blobcatgiggle:​ This one includes it all at least and gives a fair chance to them all 💪

@stux @Shredd_Tone @yura It has been my entry point. And I voted although the only service I know (since today) is Mastodon.

@yura @stux hmm? I'm assuming that you can't get any access to Mastodon from Diaspora through Friendica without opening up a webpage then? It's almost a rhetorical question.

@Shredd_Tone @stux or any other activitypub-only service

Even link provided by stux show it

@yura @stux Yep, just got that. Mastodon seems to be the most social out of the bunch

@Shredd_Tone @stux I read but cannot prove that diaspora developers don't like ActivityPub and refuse to implement it.

Maybe @drq can tell more

@yura @drq @stux Yeah, that could still be an issue. It's something worth looking into, for sure

@yura @stux Hubzilla is intergrated to both Mastodon and Diaspora, so there's one way to connect to both of them if, that if it counts?

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