What software do YOU like the most? :fediverse:

@stux To be fair though, I was using Diaspora long before I discovered Mastodon itself. They're both great Social Media Outlets though

@stux @Shredd_Tone is Diaspora a part of the fediverse?
Especially with the fact that they didn't implement ActivityPup.

@yura @stux I personally wouldn't know, but at the very least i would assume there would be a way to bridge them

@Shredd_Tone @stux it looks like there isn't.

I remember friendica supports diaspora's protocol but not mastodon nor pleroma vs misskey

@Shredd_Tone @yura Always welcome :cat_hug_triangle:​ its a great start for ppl who wanna join the Fedi also I think :blobcathearts:

@stux @yura It is, I wish that I've been introduced to this website before I got started in the Fediverse

@Shredd_Tone @yura :blobcatgiggle:​ This one includes it all at least and gives a fair chance to them all 💪

@stux @Shredd_Tone @yura It has been my entry point. And I voted although the only service I know (since today) is Mastodon.

@yura @stux hmm? I'm assuming that you can't get any access to Mastodon from Diaspora through Friendica without opening up a webpage then? It's almost a rhetorical question.

@Shredd_Tone @stux or any other activitypub-only service

Even link provided by stux show it

@yura @stux Yep, just got that. Mastodon seems to be the most social out of the bunch

@Shredd_Tone @stux I read but cannot prove that diaspora developers don't like ActivityPub and refuse to implement it.

Maybe @drq can tell more

@yura @drq @stux Yeah, that could still be an issue. It's something worth looking into, for sure

@yura @stux Hubzilla is intergrated to both Mastodon and Diaspora, so there's one way to connect to both of them if, that if it counts?

@sp6ina Hubzilla with Activitypub is cool. I found Hubzilla to a good alternative to FB. I wrote a blog on it long time ago:

But I guess Activitypub clients are flawed. Can't see posts published before following somebody from Mastodon/Pleroma. The problem is not probably with Hubzilla because it happened with Masto/Pleroma users too.

Hubzilla to Hubzilla, no issues whatsoever.

Hubzilla and Friendica are not in this poll....
@stux Misskey looks more fun, but Pleroma is easier to run on cheap hardware and VPS plans

@sjw @lanodan Ah cool! didn't know about dis :blobcatgiggle:

It's under "other" than for now :fediverse:

@stux I don't know about Misskey or Diaspora but Pleroma sucks imo 🤷🏻‍♂️

@ranx @stux Out of curiosity, if you were given the choice between Pleroma or Twitter, which one would you choose?

@Shredd_Tone @ranx Hahaha that’s an impossible choice! is still the Fedi♥️👌🏻

@JuleLe uhm... what about... having 1/100th the customization level mastodon has? At least the instance I registered on was like that 🤷🏻‍♂️ @stux

Thanks for your reply.
What exactly do you mean by customization?

@JuleLe for example: the thing that bothered me most was that on user level I cannot ban a whole instance and their crap. instead I had to block every single stupid user. another thing that I didn't like was the not autorefreshing single column display, that can be good on a mobile but not on a pc, not for me. third and last of my examples: the instance didn't allow me to delete my account, I told the admin and they said they "probably" can do it for me. @stux

Truth is, I've only tried Mastodon and PeerTube, and they are more complementary than alternatives. But it's a PeerTube instance I really need to be running.

Diaspora* has enormous potential, but it has never succeeded in attracting users. I still have an account on it but nothing happens anymore.

@livvydun @stux What makes you think that Diaspora has enormous potential?

2 main things: you could have one account and use it as facebook and twitter at the same time & you can follow subjects besides people.

@livvydun didn't understand the first point. I agree with your second point, that feature is very useful. On Friendica as well, you can follow subjects/hashtags.

The only disadvantage of Diaspora in my opinion is that it does not support federation with ActivityPub.

@ponytail I doubt that it's because of the comment from 2018 you referred to. It was waiting on version 2.7. is running on v3.4.4 if I see it correctly.

@oliver I'm self hosting Zap, but I feel I like Friendica more.

Not sure if it is a play on words or an accurate statement :blobthinkingeyes:

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