@stux those are the people who said at the beginning that "vulnerable people should just stay home"... how do they not understand that they are the vulnerable group now?

@JennyFluff Indeed.. I feel so ashamed for my country by this..

@JennyFluff Oh yes! But lately I have the feeling the NL leads the path in this anti behaviour :sad_cat: The gab is getting bigger and bigger here

@JennyFluff @stux I think that's what's missing in Poland - we've got actual walk-in vaccination points and people don't use these. We've got so many vaccines and so little amount of people actually want to get it. I'm afraid that such restrictions are the only way.


@netsatan @JennyFluff Same here.. Th chances are here, and plenty for free but still there's soo many resistance 🤔

Even my mother in law.. She works in in the care with elderly people but refuses to take the vaccine :mortyderp:​ We often have many discussions about it but in the end it's her decision. Maybe rules can make her rethink it or just take a different job without the risk of infecting elderly ppl

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