They did have the ability to layer, cut, speed up, slow down, and tape film back then so he probably wasn't falling 10m and the vehicles probably weren't moving that fast in the stunts

@stux just watched one of his movies. Very underrated. He's like Charlie Chaplin on steroids xD

Also remarkable effects for the time! There's clearly a LOT of trickery going on there -- I'm not sure how a lot of this was done, but it's violating the laws of physics at several points.

@TerryHancock @stux In the studio. The city is just a picture. The two roofs are at most just two low ledges. There are several videos on youtube that explain Buster Keaton effects.

@attilakinali @stux Yeah. There's a lot of details going on in this sequence. I know how I would do a lot of them today, but how they did them then was different.

OTOH, a lot of simple effects are more convincing in B&W -- it's easier to avoid visible lighting problems.

@attilakinali @stux It's clear that some of this was very well-executed wire work.

@stux that looks incredible. Must check more of his work

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