Goddamn.. our monthly electric and gas bill is over €185 per month.. :amaze:

I think I gotta shut down our home server including PeerTube.TV and Stux.Chat.. I would love to keep it all running but I simply can't.. will remain ofc but I gotta cut some costs somewhere :blobcatscared:

I'll keep it all on standby but for now it's offline.


I think the time has come, i gotta sell my camera. I don't have a choice but it's okay.

Maybe I can make someone on the happy with it? :blobcathearts:

@aety It's insane indeed damn.. Even less showering now :blobcatgiggle:

@wauz :blobcatgiggle:​ Ohhh I wish! I want a little nuclear reactor on my balcony :flan_laugh:

@wauz I do have many of those already :ablobwink:​ PeerTube was on my homeserver since it uses kinda much diskspace

It's even more expensive to do that on a remote server

Well, I recommend basement. The waste heat helps saving gas...

Way better! You just dig it and noone ever is gonna ask, why there is the basement blocked

@wauz Hahahaha oh yah! But I can't dig anywhere that's the issue :blobcatgiggle:

We're on the first floor 😇

@maperal @stux @wauz yep solar is way to go, with induction plates. I've slashed my electric bill to a fraction of what it was and can even run two aircons on hot days with ze4ro impact.

@stux Have you considered a dedicated server or VPS? Around $10 - $30 / month, and no hit to your electric bill.

@floor9 I have also many of those 😉 I chose for PeerTube on my home server since it uses much diskspace and remotely that's not doable :(

@stux Makes sense -- peertube and PixelFed are my next adventures.

@floor9 Pixelfed is very light :blobcheerwitch:​ even the media storage is quite soft compared to the otherss

@stux Hey Stux, I totally understand your decision. I hope that the situation will improve for you :) ❤️
I just had a question, would it be possible to just turn on the instance shortly so I can make a screenshot of my subscriptions? (unfortunately exports of subscribed channels are not yet implemented)

@Arco Hi there Arco ❤️ Thanks for your kind words :blobcathearts:​ I can do that yes :ablobwink:

Please let me know when you have it 😉 I'll keep the data etc intact don't worry, it's only offline for now ❤️

Let me boot the server real quick

@Arco You're welcome! :blobcathearts:​ Ill power it off again :)

@stux I wonder, do the costs (electricity, hardware, domain...) of running this peertube server get covered by the donations or do you need to pay a part? And I would be interested in knowing how much it costs overall :)

@Arco Unfort not :sad_cat:​ The biggest expense is since is quite large community! :blobcatgiggle:​ The other services (costs) are a "little" addition to that, I think donations cover around ~30-40% every month

Migrate to raspberry pi clusters or stick pc. There's a 4gb atom powered stick pc consuming 10w in Amazon

@stux what’s the most efficient way to help - as in gets you the most with the least headache/fees? Thinking of

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