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@stux Does it respect your window manager and, more importantly, mouse clipboard? 👀 Cinny is what made me decide to actually use Matrix; I can't stand Element :nkogiggle:

I'm looking forward to when Cinny handles replies properly and supports Space management

@striker @stux at least they don't call a group chat a server. but room so :akko_shrug:
>npm install # Installs all dependencies
>npm run build # Compiles the app into the dist/ directory


Are NPM builds reproducible, @newt and @stux? I’m pinning 1.3.2 at ipfs://bafybeifhdmmam3lok2jahuh2inelu6j7amlbn2luejodd2kb5qzwg77omm, so if anyone wants to help reducing workload on, feel free to join me. Too bad even the compiled tarball isn’t self-contained, so you’ll still need to depend on and

@sandycorzeta no, it's based on web technologies but it doesn't use electron. It runs in your web browser.

@stux seems cool but i rather use native/terminal clients

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