My gf had a nice day at the zoo with her collegues from work!

Onyl thing.. when she got back to the bikes she notices they stole our battery from our electric bike 😿 :sad_cat:

The most expensive part.. Now let's hope we can find something on camera Monday

@stux That stinks, sorry. I'd think there would be a lock of some sort on the battery.

Oh no... 😳 That's awful!

#Bikers here commonly report losing accessories like headlights and other attachments.

I'm curious. Was your gf's #bike #battery external or installed somewhere within the frame? Mine is inside the frame. Though i imagine a thief really intent on getting it will still take it. It's really expensive and can be quickly stashed in a bag. ☹️

That sucks. I hope you can find something on the camera.

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