Do you want to go to ? :blobcatspace:​


Dream: Colonize #asteroid s on #openhardware spaceships.
Including Oort cloud as a place for solitary refuges.

No bills, no laws, no visitors.


@houkimenator Let's do that! :blobcatgiggle:​

I feel an idea for a new space company coming... :bloblaugh:​:blobcatspace:​

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I am pretty serious about it and this was my favourite idea for >4 years now.

NeonHead, one of the FOSS games i made, is also heavily influenced by it, even though it takes place much farther into the future.

Asteroids and pure ship-living in my opinion have more potential to advance human #culture and personal freedoms than just living on #Mars, which is bound to go as authoritarian as Earth with time, if not more.
And #openhardware makes freedom complete.

@stux A funny feedback on this idea i once had is that people who choose to live like that are essentially... open hardware space pirates.

@stux #space I will try publishing more about progress towards libre spaceships in the following days.

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