Is there anyone who has a laptop for a good friend of us? :blobcathearts:​It doesn't need to be anything fast or new, if it works she will be so happy..!

It's for a good friend of us, she's the daughter of another good friend :blobcatgiggle:​ But income is not much and we keep an eye on second hand stuff but yeah..

@stux not at the moment, but I boosted it in case one of my followers does

@stux I have a spare old (very old) netbook, but goodness knows if it works or holds a charge anymore, and it'd need to be picked up. Shipping isn't really possible with hazardous materials (battery) and covid restrictions.

@stux I have a Gen1 microsoft surface pro (with the better keyboard) if this helps.

I know it's Gen1 so it's heavier than the latest models, but it does run Windows10. (not RT).

4gb ram, i5-3317U

@psiie Ohh that maybe helps indeed! 😮

Gen1 would be puurfect for her, she's not a a "heavy" users but mostly main things that can't be done on the mobile device

Do you still have this available? :blobcathearts:

@stux I do! I'll have to wipe it but I can do that this weekend.

Im unsure about battery life but I dont think its terrible. I don't remember having bad experiences with it.

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