There are a lot of people 'complaining' about the new app🤔

But many seem to forget something: You get a FREE open source application that works just fine without ANY data collection. If you don't like it there are 4 more apps you can use that do include the local and federated timeline.

If you are using Mastodon you are using a FREE open source platform that is mainly developed by Eugen, don't forget about all time and effort he put in so we can toot :thinktink:

I get that some people think there's a certain "responsibility" with Eugen since he is the main developer and decides a lot for us


Again, is open source and YOU can make your own copy or so called "fork". Stop complaining and start learning how to improve YOUR version of Mastodon..

If you want new things or changes be KIND about it, I totally get when Eugen says no after a shitload of complaints.

C'mon people, respect the guy for his work..

No one owes you anything in FOSS, better start thinking what you owe them :ablobwink:

Another thing..

About the sponsors of the Mastodon project🤔 What seems to be the issue exactly here.. Is their sneaky code implemented into the source code? :mortyderp:

They only have a little logo displayed on a small page on the join page that's it right. Altough, I am not sure how far Mastodon would have been today without financial support of these companies

I bet the ones screaming the loudest about 'bad sponsors' haven't paid a single dollar to the project contribution

@stux The sole fact of having logos of ethically questionable companies on the sponsors page makes the project look ethically questionable as well. It's just that.

@stux Don't you think putting logos on the official website is a kind of advertisement? I'm not sure if it's legal advertising online casinos, although for mastodon's case it looks like advertising advertisement of online casinos since those sponsors don't look like casinos themselves, it still raises concern.
I'll like to know how much money Eugen needs or is receiving, whether it's absolutely necessary receiving money from these suspicious websites. There are also people who stop sponsoring knowing that he's receiving money from those sponsors.

@stux we owe each other freedom and open source software for the versions posted. :D


So if someone creates a software that is free and open - the creator is immune to criticism? Not really.
But there is a difference about legitimate criticism and plain stupid shitblasting, but I have not really seen the latter.

@selea No, no, criticism is there always but it’s still up to the person what he or she is gonna do with it right? I feel people think it’s a given but it’s not always

@selea The criticism in this case ‘GitHub issues’ only help growing the platform etc

But ‘mean’ blog posts about how Eugen doesn’t do what they like them to do I find kinda uhh.. crappy


Yes ofcourse, the reciever of said criticism can chose to listen or not to it - and recieve criticism for that too :p

@stux I cant agree more to it; While its okay for constructive criticism, its very sad to see people bashing towards such community or services. Defending privacy maynot be very superficial but they also deserves to be well appretiated. 😇 Thankyou @Gargron

@stux you’re just missing one thing : he’s not the only one working on and for the project. But he’s kinda the only one to decide.

A lot of other folks run instances, or contribute to mastodon, and their voice is ignored when they point out stuff that doesn’t work that well, or things that matters for them and their communities but doesn’t matter to Eugen.

I get that Eugen worked real hard on mastodon, and that he’s getting a lot of negative feedback, even hard words, but don’t act like he’s not really stubborn and somewhat in bad faith even on topics where he’s partly right

@stux tl;dr : don’t blame Eugen for everything, but don’t praise him for everything either

@stux Maybe not all of it is complaining but petitions or suggestions 😄.

@stux I wasnt completly happy with the app either.


I completely agree. I think constructive criticism is totally ok, but I've seen some people flaming @Gargron (whoms work I highly apriciate btw ) which is not ok.

These people don't get the point of Foss or the fediverse.

@stux it’s really cool but it would be also really great to have an iPad and Mac app

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