To those upset about some design decisions in the iOS app: Nobody’s forcing you to use the iOS app. I’m fully aware that it takes a different turn from all other existing apps in some aspects, and that’s the point. If it makes the fediverse larger by retaining more new users, then I’ve succeeded and everyone benefits. If not, nobody except me loses.

@Gargron It's puuurfect! πŸ˜„ don't let people tell you otherwise!

It's good there's a big range of choices.. for everyone there's something

@stux @Gargron but there aren't any other mastodon apps available for iOS, are there?

@schratze @angristan @Gargron @person

Other than the official app I recommend 'Toot!' (paid) or Metatext (free)

@stux @person @Gargron @angristan @schratze Ah yeah, I use android.
My understanding is that apple products are a money pump for people who fall for the predatory advertising gimmicks of Apple.

@Andrii πŸ€” uh okay.. I think Apple had overal much better quality products, i spend a huge time with it so I chose quality in this case :blobcatgiggle: I could also say that Android is for the people who don't give a shit about security and just want a cheap phone :bloblaugh: @person @Gargron @angristan @schratze

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@stux @Andrii would you be so kind as to untag me from this discussion? :)

I'm an IT professional.
While it is true there is a broad range of android phones, some of which are indeed "cheap and crappy". However there are plenty of good phones as well.

The nice part with android if you for example get a phone compatible with lineageOS is that you can have full control of your phone.
I can use my phone much like a computer. I can use the same kinds of scripts I use on my desktop. I can SSH into my phone, do computer programming, compile things, run Linux cron scripts. Basically anything one can do with a computer.

Can't do any of that with an iPhone. And when the next iproduct comes out they often forcibly upgrade the old ones to make them slow or non functional to force people to upgrade.

With Android I have full control and it is easy to replace parts etc, so can have a good phone for years, and pass it on in good condition to others.

For any given usecase there is a perfect android phone.

Personally I like good battery life, and be able to run whatever apps I want. Also didn't want to buy something from mainland China. So got an Asus ZenPhone 5 Pro. Also my computer motherboard is Asus as well, top notch quality products.

@person @Gargron @angristan @schratze

@stux @Andrii @person @Gargron @angristan @schratze

As a cybersecurity researcher, I have to jump into this discussion. This is one of the most ignorant and misinformed comments I have ever read. Android's open source nature makes it many times more secure than any Apple closed source device, due to the fact that many security researchers such as myself can review the code. You must do nothing but trust Apple with theirs. Come back to me when Apple has the equivalent of GrapheneOS.

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