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What’s Masto under? :blobcatgiggle:

@caranmegil Well it does seem to work :blobcheerwitch:

Was it Friendica that came with a bunch of ‘plugins’ or modules? Even some nice themes I believe!

@stux it sure seems like it's module upon modules and themes upon themes

@caranmegil I remember it was a no dealer for me since all ‘empty’ pages one would end up on on mobile for example :blobcatgiggle:

For many new people an confusing interface is a no deal so that’s kinda big one for me, personally I find Mastodon pixel purfect and quite easy in the one column mode(for first time users) I guess

@stux i'm mostly trying to use it as a transition of people from facebook to better things.

@stux i have most people going "i like the features of facebook but don't want ... blah blah blah." i found with these particular people it reduces the excuses :blobcatblep:

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