They should really really ban gambling ads on tv..

Even worse here in the NL, all "official" lotteries are in the end a "business" of the NL government so they can keep "control" addiction more etc but.. They are pumping in soo much money for advertisements they win each year the prize for "best ad" its just sickening. 🇳🇱

For example on the homepage for one of the lotteries you can spend an entire monthly wage with 1 click on a button!

How's that for regulation..

@stux oh wow...yeah. gambling (or gamblor as homer delightfully calls it) is terrible. it really sounds like it's government reappropriating social welfare payments given the tendency of those who are desperate to gamble least with the large population base i know (i.e. my extended family)

@caranmegil Indeed.. Well, according to the rules they should not target youth under 25 but guess what..

They pulled out some old ads for sports betting websites and put a few rappers in it.. Well, it's almost all 17-20's now derp

Agreed. This kind of gambling targets those who can't afford it. The bourgeoisie elite don't waste their money on the lottery and if they do it's such a small proportion of their wealth it is inconsiquential. It's so depressing seeing people throw away their money in the hope they can claw their way out of living paycheck to paycheck.

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