@stux hej nederlanda kato, ĉu vi povas legi cirilan?
mi pensas gi estas pli bone skribo sistemo por esperanto. gi rigardo bona!

ҳеј недерланда като, чу ви повас леги цирилан?
ми пенсас ги естас пли боне скрибо системо пор есперанто. ги ригардо бона!

@GwenfarsGarden same XD I love how clever crows are and how great they are at working together! Also those look like hooded crows -- hooded crows and carrion crows are my favourite corvids. :)

media description 

@stux there is a cat chilling absolutely undesturbabye in a parking lot and two birds walking around. Then one bird picks their beak into the cat's butt which immediatly gets up to jump a few steps after the pecker followed by the other bird. Then the gif ends.

@stux This actually really shows how crows and other corvids are among the few species that can consciously plan things in advance and understand cause and effect


It's often the case that scavenger species will chase a predator away from their prey.

This is a great example of this in action. :D

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