Meow there!😻 I’ve decided to create a Ko-Fi page for my girlfriend♥️

For her job she needs a drivers licence so she can get around to her clients where she cleans and maintains the homes.

She helps elderly and disabled people in the household and keeps them company during these difficult times. Please think about helping her get her licence so she can help the people who really need it.💪🏻

@jeder Weird huh! :blobcatgiggle:

I also was not aware before, now I get why the cops aways pull me over and arrest me :bloblaugh:

@jeder Changed it all together! You're right it was a mess :catblush:

@stux also holy shit thats expensive, in poland getting a license is like, a cost of 600-800 euros i think?

@jeder It is.. I had soo much luck! Bought a discount package with 20 lessons and 1 exam for €999 :blobcatgiggle:

The license itself did also costs another €80 or so but whatever :bloblaugh:

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