Yesterday I have upgraded the server to keep up with the growing demand.

Per day between 2000 and 45000 users are using the platform and that requires computer power that is not free unfortunately. The server bill is now higher than ever and over €400 per month.

Please think about helping me out <3
BTC: 154MK3JjgSu9n65xGtvrsmbbznANou86sN

@stux I really hope people help, otherwise you'll probably have to close sign ups :blobcatOh:

@person Indeed! ❤️ we have it on approval now to slow it down a bit

@federico3 I’m wondering the same..! It’s quite some users but it shouldn’t be that expensive, imagine platforms like the Birdsite and such.. :amaze: ofc they have income and can expand more easily but still!

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