Funny how some users immediately wanna jump instances when stuff is a bit slow :blobcatgiggle:

I won't hold you back but keep in mind almost (if not) all instances are "hobby based" and not like Twitter or Facebook that have multiple servers world wide :blobcatgiggle:

Downtime can happen but please give the admin also some time for fixing things❤️ We do our best for you, always!

And no, we would never ever "slow down" servers :amaze: That's a big weird and counterintuitive

@stux sometimes it can be in the way tho if it's like that consistently. Like I've had some instances that I could barely use despite really liking them, it sucks

@eris True! If something happens more often an admin should also start to wonder and look further :blobcatgiggle:


And..... >please help the administrator of the instance financially. it's a hobby first and foremost. ❣️

🔍i will see if i can find some money.💰

@stux 98.5% server uptime?

We're in the 1.5% downtime , oh gosh, how... unacceptable! That's horrendous! It's terrible! What a bad instance! I have super life threatening important Toots to look at before the next 50 seconds! 1 star review cause I couldn't give zero. Omg please, scam much! All other reviews are fake, people enjoying this instance are paid actors!

@The_Quantum_Alpha Still that one does give me false errors sometimes like now..

@stux jokes aside, that's extremely good...
Even as one of the engineers of the fastest server in the world, that's actually pretty good!

Karens gonna be karens

@The_Quantum_Alpha Thanks! ❤️

And even that last bit would be very easy to fix with loadbalancers for example but for now that's just simply to costly :blobcatgiggle:

@stux Wait, you guys have downtime? I never experienced downtime on my instance, I assume because we have way less users.

@stux 5K active users? I'm sure it's closer to 100 or so, Fosstodon mainpage says it has around 3K active users but actual number is more like 30 or so XD At MOST 50, rest either lurk or are abandoned.

@person @stux every servers will experience more downtime the more users there is.

More users=more maintenance

It's normal, but many don't see it that way

@The_Quantum_Alpha @stux Yeah that makes sense. appears to be more general purpose so it probably gets more non-techy users who don't know how things work.

@stux in fact you can also give money to your hoster so they can improve the hosting (especially if you can).
Confession : first thing I did after joining my instance was to give a coffee to our great admin.

@Meandres That's good to hear! :blobcathearts: If a few people do that the issue would be fixed :ablobwink:


That's good and great, everything can work that way.

many greetings to the #hackerstown instance. 👋


@kranfahrer same here. Greetings to your side of the fedi :blobheart:

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