Wait. Fish form relationships with their owners???!!


@FrugalPoops @stux that is nothing new :-) especially fish from the Cyprinidae family like this gold guy here. Still I am not sure about the movie. That looks a bit too extreme for a fish, but who knows.

@copyme @FrugalPoops I was also looking for a wire or anything since this is just insane :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @copyme

This is changing the way I’ve thought about every pet fish I’ve ever had.

A fish in the hand is worth two in the pond.

@stux Gif description: Someone is holding a large goldfish in their hand, in front of a lake. They gently toss the fish into the water several meters away, and the fish returns instantly to them and lets them pick it out and throw it again, then it returns once again. The fish does not seem very stressed to be handled.

@gemlog @fitheach True! That’s why this one is coming back luckily♥️

@gemlog @stux
Goldfish, and some of the other ornamental carps, have been selectively bred by humans for thousands of years, principally to get nice colours.

In the "wild" these colours are a distinct disadvantage. In the Highlands, owners of ornamental carp have to cover the outside ponds with netting, as otherwise they are easy game for herons and other predators.

Yes, down in vancouver they lose ornamental fish to otters and racoons, but they thrive in our lakes and out-compete the native fish.

I've not read of any otters doing the same here. Our otters tend to be quite shy. Pine martens are a different story, they'll tackle anything up to elephant-sized, even right outside your front-door.


A marten took up residence in our x-country ski lodge - it was very difficult to get rid of, but a member finally managed to trap it.

So, the end result was:

Otter 36
Park board 0



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