Did you know I picked my username from the virus? Personally I think its still a masterpiece.. Like a picasso of the web so to say :blobcatgiggle:

4 zer0 day exploits, almost error free code including a advanced rootkit, just wow! Also spreading to 60% of all computers worldwide without doing any harm but still looking for the right targets!

Also gotta say I don't mind the PCI targets they had for enriching uranium!

@calculsoberic @stux Is that coloured by activity over the course of a day? If so you can really see a difference between North America and other parts of the world in terms of the nighttime dip in activity.

@petrichor Yes, it's over the course of 24 hours! It was set up in 2012

@calculsoberic @stux Is it that folks in USA and Canada don't sleep, or just that they have more always-on devices?

@petrichor I live in the USA and I sleep, but I do leave my phone on at night, because it's also my alarm clock, and sometimes people try to contact me for emergencies in the middle of the night. So probably a lot of people just leave their smart devices on all the time! Plus you have things like the Echo and other IoT devices, which would be part of that too.

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