If you want to check if your data was leaked with the breach you can check that here:

@stux nope! but I was in some other breaches and I had changed all my passwords or deleted the accounts not too long ago

@stux I'm considering deleting my Facebook account, but would that end up deleting all the accounts I made with him on other sites too, or just preventing me from accessing them? :thinkin:

@LoveyApprentice If you can only login with FB that account would be gone :ablobwink: Perhaps link an extra email first for recovery🥰

@lars With the FB breach? I have been pwned over 15 times haha

@Easydor Good question..! There where no passwords hacked if I’m correct so that’s good. For email and phone I would be more worried. Think about spam campaigns and account recovery by phone..

It’s always better to use token for 2FA instead of a phone number :ablobwink: Perhaps check most valued accounts and make sure they’re safe

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