This still amazes me.. if one of them would have tripped.. :blobcatscared:

ยท ยท 8 ยท 6 ยท 21

@stux are you sure this isnt edited? I've seen the youtube video of someone doing this experiment with MUCH more reactants and it wasnt this big. In that case it was a whole pool filled with it.

@freemo nop itโ€™s the real deal :ablobwink: One of the biggest I think

@stux weird cause the guys who did the pool was a world record success (though its possible this was done later than that, not sure).

@freemo This is the real deal. The folks who used a swimming pool used far less concentrated reagents.


@stux You can always tell when a parent helped with the Science Fair project.

I believe it would be a disservice if I didn't mention #markrober, current elephant tooth paste world record holder.

Mark Rober is an engineer who worked on #CuriosityRover that landed on Mars back in 2012. Then he left Nasa and started making videos to motivate youth to become scientists and engineers.

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