@0PT41N funny because I've been torrenting lately, and those companies hate that

@calculsoberic @stux I have torrented in a public airport WiFi and every damn time it just limits/blocks my download speed 😖 I hate the annoying DMCA so much. Before covid-19 I have been torrenting non stop for 2 years but now during the pandemic the stupid surveillance crap now limited my internet speed for a full month until the next payment. Its so dumb its hard to believe 🤣
#piracy #piracyissharingiscaring #fuckisp

@EpicKitty @stux I also object to the term piracy. It puts it on par with, you know... actual piracy.

@stux In the U.S. copyright originally lasted a maximum of 28 years, now it lasts 95! That's the real crime.

@cwdolunt And it'll keep getting extended as long as Disney keeps getting their way because they don't want Mickey Mouse becoming public domain

@trebach @stux
Can you imagine if U.S. Copyright was still 28 years? Most of Star Wars and the Marvel/DC heroes would be in the Public Domain too!

The current CTEA allows Mickey into the U.S. public domain in 2024. We must somehow prevent them from extending it again!

@stux I really like the video 😁. Very educational and it's just plain simple to educate people that the B.S. DMCA is Fucked up and really stupid 😉
#piracyissharingiscaring #piracy #fuckisp

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