They ruined streaming..

- Netflix
- Amazon Prime
- Disney Plus
- Discovery Plus
- Paramount Plus

Like people gonna pay for multiple services.. Back to downloading it is! :pirate:

@stux Oh uh...I am paying for some of these! But I still torrent too.

@stux part of the reason being that even the paid services don't have some of the rare movies I'm looking for. There's this one called The Addiction that I've only been able to find bits and pieces of on youtube and such.

@stux PlexServer and Sonarr...the only way to "stream" :D

@stux yes but PLUS what... I never left downloading since Napster 😬

@stux my solution wasn’t downloading but picking up entirely different hobbies!

@cacheerror I get that :blobcatgiggle:

Often is more of a sport for me! I want to get this for free and delete them afterwards without using it 😆

Just because I can or something... xD

@stux The only streaming services I use are free like the free Amazon prime or PlutoTV otherwise I just download the movie I want.

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