I think I know the answer already but still..


:owncloud: or :nextcloud: ?

@stux Nextcloud (When I installed nextcloud, I was surprised by its awesome functionality.) :blobcatadorable:

@stux Where's the option for just giving everyone shell accounts and telling them to use git?

@swiley @stux i'm not giving a shell account to my grandma :blobcat3c:

@swiley @stux also to pull and then soon enough it would be a mess.

@stux I haven't tried OwnCloud, but NextCloud just works for me. :)

Honestly, I'm surprised OwnCloud is even still a thing. Isn't it like vs LibreOffice?

@stux what about no clouds? I just want a sunny day, sir

@stux Nextcloud, because it's compatible with a lot of devices, OSes and apps.

@stux Owncloud because they're leaving the php tarpit with the upcoming oCIS

@querdenker @stux I’d love a link too. What are they moving away from php to?

@hal @stux They're rebuilding it as a microservices architecture, Language is go

95% zu 4% 🤔

Und der eine Rest? NownCloud?

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