Did you know that the moon around Earth is called Luna?🌔

"Moon" is just a classification heavenly bodies!

@stux Luna is Spanish, 😂😂😂 I know that cause I’m Cuban, so lots of people speak Spanish around the world that’s why in so many places it’s called like that.

Yes, in Spanish we call "luna" to every natural satellite. But "Luna", thats our moon 😁.

@stux yess. In Spanish, we call her Luna, but we also say luna for other moons when we need to be clear it's a moon ("Europa, Io y Titán son lunas"). When we talk about our Luna, we don't have to specify from which planet. Same with Sol, the name of our sun/solar system.

@stux It's funny cuz in Russian, moon is literally "Luna" but it's also both the classification of celestial bodies and the name of the Earth's moon, as in "The planet X has 10 lunas"

@biomedmax @stux same in italian. like Io, Europa, Ganimede and Callisto are all lune (plural of luna) di Giove, moons of Jupiter 🙂

In german it's also being used that way. "Mond" is the word. And to specify you mean the earth's moon, you'd often use the term "Erdmond". Whether this usage is scientifically correct or not, I do not know 😅


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